as is our custom, we spent a few days in new jersey at the shore hanging out with the family this summer. as we’re gearing up for our christmas trip, i realized, hey, i haven’t shared about our summer trip. always made better by this little goof ball.

IMG_5909always willing to lend a hand, A makes sure her grandpa doesn’t get burned.

IMG_5910IMG_5914she’s always ready and willing to jump on in with uncle E.IMG_5915IMG_5917

one of the nights there, we decided to take little A to the boardwalk for some rides. while we were standing in line waiting for tickets, she looked up at us and said “let’s do this thing.” so do this thing we did.

standing in line to go on the roller coaster. this kid is fearless. i chose to document rather than climb into a rattling car on a wooden roller coaster. she’s a braver man than i gungadin.

IMG_5919IMG_5925IMG_5928IMG_5929IMG_5930IMG_5933IMG_5934IMG_5943IMG_5948IMG_5949IMG_5952i was hanging out on the porch skyping with my bestie when she walked up me, “uncle E said to tell you that now i have eyebrows like you!” i married a real charmer.