sorry. life got very far away from me. today though, i’m home sick, so i thought i’d give a hello!

there are certainly things to catch up on, and i’m going to start with what’s come of last january. my neighbor came up with the idea for a new years resolution of making at least one garment a month. i’ve had a good time with that! with just one more month left, i’m pretty pleased with what i’ve created.  [though i did get a new computer, and seem to be missing photos of some of the shirts that i made. odd.]

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.44.03 PM IMG_6138IMG_5379hats!!! i’m on a serious hat making kick. i’m working on matching hats for a bunch of my favorite peoples… i’m working on the mister’s right now since he keeps trying to steal this here “funfetti” hat. i’ve been using madeline tosh yarn. it’s a dream. i have a sweater that i started LAST october, but i’ve stopped working on it. the friend who was helping me has fallen away a bit, and i’ve let that be my excuse for working on other projects…

IMG_5308you will notice that i have a lot of nani iro fabric. i could swim in it!

IMG_5630i know. i look like a killer for hire in this photo, but the shirt is nice!

IMG_5469ah merchant and mills.

IMG_5874i’m obsessed with this cotton and steel print. it looks like ritz crackers. i used this fabric as the base for a set of cloths that i made for my favorite chileans. the mister wrangled research money, and got to stay with our best friends in santiago. yes. yes i was/am jealous.

IMG_6019these are from a pattern that i made up based on a shirt that i already have.

IMG_5893for a ten year old.

IMG_5962infinity scarf.

IMG_5958ties for the gentlemen. IMG_5950

IMG_5959IMG_5973some of the recipients in all their splendor.

IMG_6103my first time making pleats. their not amazing, but they will only get better from here. i hope.

IMG_6078aaaand. while this is not so much a garment, i did make my first weaving! a little less than stellar, but i’m okay with that as a first attempt.