it has become clear to us over the last few years that i’m not a skier. so, if we ever want to do outdoor activities together, we had to come up with something other speeding down a mountain on a piece of compressed fiberglass.

enter…SNOW SHOEING!!!!!

so, we went up to the robert frost trail yesterday to tromp around. it was glorious.

IMG_5393our intrepid leader breaking the path

IMG_5397 man down. luckily, he landed in a fluffy pile of snow, and not a river. IMG_5399

happy, ’cause it was 25 degrees, and sunny!!!!IMG_5400 IMG_5402 some bridge twerkingIMG_5403 IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5417eddie was overcome with the masculine need to tackle someone. luckily, he chose jamieIMG_5419 IMG_5421friends eating snow #1 [note: the snow is so high, that the waist height sign is barely poking out] IMG_5425friends eating snow #2 IMG_5427friends eating snow #3 [we forgot water bottles]IMG_5429 IMG_5432 IMG_5434fertig.