we here in vermont in are of course in the grip of the nasty cold that’s taken over the east coast. while it’s waaaaay to early to be longing for spring if you live this far north [think at least three more months of snow,] i’ve decided to wax philosophic about the fall. my mom and step-dad came to visit us for thanksgiving. in typical new england fashion, we gave them three seasons over the coarse of four days. it started off at 65 degrees and sunny. so we went to the shelburne museum. it my first time going, and it was pretty cool.












i took my coat back to the car, and we frolicked in the sunlight. it was glorious.

two days later, this is what the town looked like.


oh well.

we fled to montréal to drop the fam off at the airport, and the mister and i bopped around town. we discovered that the real hard-core of the world are the quebecois. it was 19 degrees, and NO ONE was wearing say, a hat, or gloves, or boots. we even saw a guy walking around without a coat. though to be fair, his friends were laughing at him. meanwhile eddie and i were wrapped with scarves around our noses.

we went to a ping pong bar in mile end, but it was a pallid replacement for the ping pong bars of berlin. [i realize that i never posted about our favorite ping-pong bar, that will come soon.] but it was nice to be in a city even just for one night.

IMG_5123 IMG_5107

party leggings!!!!


note hanging on the exit door of one of the subway stations in montréal.