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i’m getting tired of paris. not the real paris, but blogging about paris. perhaps it’s that i’m in a different head space, back in the states, sick in bed. but i’ve decided to throw linear time to the wind and post things in random, “i’m thinking about them” order.

to that end, today, i’d like to talk about ICE CREAM!!!!! specifically, about The Charmery. it’s a GREAT ice cream spot in hampden baltimore. full disclosure, laura, dov, and by extension baby maggie are some of my favorite, and best people. i’ve know them for eleven years now [yikes!], and as long as i’ve know them, they’ve been working towards opening an ice cream shop. hells bells, they’ve been working on this since college! also, dov thinks he’s the funny one, but everyone knows, it’s laura.

fresh off the boat, but with a cold, so i couldn’t snuggle with baby maggie, boo, i beelined for baltimore. when last i was in the states, they had just started construction on the building, and now, here, just over one year later, they’ve got huge lines, awards, and some of the best ice cream i’ve ever had. and i lived in san francisco. it was so exciting to see this come to life that i nearly jumped out of my skin.

also, after ELEVEN years of promising me that he’d do, dov made me earl grey ice cream. he was skeptical, but if the yelp reviews are anything to go by, the earl of sepi ice cream was a hit!

IMG_4414left over charmery birthday party decorations. IMG_4415 laura snuggling my new best friend maggie.[don’t worry friends, all of your new babies are my new best friends]IMG_4416 IMG_4418dov with his stink eye. IMG_4421 IMG_4422  IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428 IMG_4429 crowds!!!!!IMG_4431the handwritten “sepi” was a little low rent, but i’ll take it. IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4443 IMG_4444service with a smile! IMG_4446 wait for it...IMG_4448the spoons are cold sensitive!  IMG_4450i am sugar sensitive. IMG_4463 IMG_4467fertig.