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life with eddie entails a LOT of museum going. seriously. in my 11 days in paris, we went to seven museums. the orsay was one of them…

one is not supposed to take pictures in the museum, but the french aren’t so rule bound as the germans, so i took some liberties. one of the coolest parts of the museum is their cafe. it’s BEHIND the clock. very “hugo.”


L1010101L1010091 L1010092 L1010093 L1010094 L1010095 honestly though, i was disappointed by the tulleries. i was expecting an english style garden, but, well, it was mostly gravel. a little grass. that you can’t walk on. and a cool pond where kids were racing miniature sail boats.

L1010073 L1010074 L1010075 L1010076 L1010077 L1010078 L1010079 L1010080 L1010081 L1010082 L1010083 L1010084 L1010085 L1010087 L1010088 L1010089L1010035 L1010037notre dame was of course beautiful, though i think the sacre cour is more my speed, but we’ll get to that later L1010038 L1010047 L1010053 L1010059we hit up shakespear & co., so i felt super hip.

L1010066 L1010068aaaaccchhhhooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
allergies were a wee bit fierce.

L1010063space invader was EVERYWHERE. and really, that’s the best street art that paris had to offer.

L1010029 L1010030 L1010032L1010026L1010065the narrowest street in paris!

L1010071 L1010072the first “street sign” in paris.