been running around, working, playing and the like. but here are some snaps of the city starting with last weeks first real snow of the year. monday we had an ice storm. it was epic. apparently the ambulances were so overwhelmed by the injured walkers of berlin, that they had to send police cars out to pick up people who fell. daaaamn. then on tuesday, we go some snow. IMG_4662nailed it.  IMG_4660 IMG_4659 IMG_4657 IMG_4655 IMG_3211 IMG_3209 IMG_3207you can’t see it, because it’s insidious, there is ice over everything in this photo. even the grass was like an ice rink. a bumpy ice rink. IMG_3199 IMG_3197 IMG_3195 IMG_3193what? is that some blue sky? fun fact: january has an average of 43 hours of sunlight in the entire month. gulp.  IMG_3191 IMG_3189 IMG_3187 IMG_3183 IMG_3181our christmas tree, curbside awaiting pick up. my heart hurts. i miss her already.  IMG_3178 IMG_3162 IMG_3157 IMG_3155 IMG_3153 IMG_3151 IMG_3131 IMG_3120 IMG_3116 IMG_3104 IMG_3098 a peek of the inner wall. there is a part of the wall that has been preserved near our house. IMG_3091 IMG_3076 IMG_3070  a friend’s son running from us at the park that was until recently an airport. IMG_2937 IMG_2865 IMG_2861 IMG_2858 IMG_2835 IMG_2828 IMG_2826fertig.