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so. with the fun of finally being back in a city, and having lots to do, see and explore outside of my house, i have not forsaken afternoons with German TV programs [later about that] sewing my man-hands off. IMG_1282 IMG_1283 IMG_3802 IMG_3806 IMG_3812 IMG_3813the first project that i got started on was a baby quilt for our good friends back in vermont, joyce & ben. joyce made a pillow with this very same triangle fabric a few months ago. so, when i ran into it [hello old friend] in a fabric store here in berlin, i knew i had the backing for the quilt.

IMG_1281also, i burned the crap out of my arm while ironing this here sweet cuddly baby quilt. evil. the scar seems as though it’s here to stay as it’s a dark chocolate brown two months later. they say love hurts. now i know it’s true.

IMG_3821IMG_3819i also the baby a cross stitch of the alternative pledge of allegiance that ben was taught as an elementary school boy. it was written by his librarian dorothy vickers-shelley. she seems to have been a really amazing woman.

my next two projects were to celebrate the birth of some about 30 some odd years ago. i made eddie a travel backgammon set. we traveled lightly with our games for our year in berlin, but we LOVE to play most things. so i figured a compact set would easy enough to get back home.

IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3831 IMG_3832 IMG_3834 IMG_3840then, after eddie started a fierce whining campaign, i made him a felt ipad carrier.

IMG_3843 IMG_3844 IMG_3845i can’t get away from felt it seems.