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the train station signs in berlin tend to be be beautiful, though not uniform. i grew up in d.c. where each train station has the same helvetica typography on a brown placard. it certainly makes the system unified, and i see the beauty in the vignelli way. but for my commuting needs, i’ll take the variety of berlin’s subway any day.

i think that subway signs will be my first series that i post. [i’m working on another series of eddie’s hair and famous art objects, but so far, he won’t consent to them being posted. i’m working on it.]



same train station, different tiling! i like this one the best. it really speaks to the “no mans land” that potsdamer platz once was.


IMG_1107#5 not technically a train station any longer, the colors and lettering are beautiful. 

IMG_1089not lettering at all, the lonely orange, dropped by a little girl who was being rushed onto a train by her frantic mom. sad orange.