ping pong. the german past time. all around berlin are cast concrete ping pong tables. while mostly in parks, there are indoor ping-pong arenas. they’re as big as bowling alleys. it would seem that german’s really really love it. often times when you arrive in a park to play, there will be a wait, so you pull a beverage out of your bag, plop on a bench and wait your turn. please don’t imagine that just because there’s a wait that people will play less games or hustle along. oh no. you could be waiting a mighty long time.
we have a night time ritual. eat dinner, pile the dishes in the sink, jump on our bikes [with no helmuts, we rebel against the american system. but only when literally crossing our street into the park. gasp], go to play some post-dinner ping pong. we stay out till the mice crawl out of sewer grates. then, i’m. out. really fast.

today, i finally won a game. it was late afternoon, and the wind picked up. finally, i have the advantage of the unexpected landing… eddie was watching the ooooominous clouds to north, i was watching the ball. L1000598 L1000595 this is marcus. his advice is “play with your heart. not your hands.”L1000588 L1000587 L1000586 L1000585 L1000583 IMG_1195fertig.