oh man, it’s hot up in here. turns out, despite my desires to move back to dc and run a roof top farm, i may not be able to live through the summers there anymore. 3.5 years in san francisco backed up into 4 years in new england have a made a heat wuss out of me. for real. it’s been in the 80’s here, and without air conditioning, i’ve been feeling/acting like it’s 115.

on this note, we’ve been going to museums most weekends to get me into air conditioning and to use our year long membership cards! ’cause we’re cool like that.

last weekend, eddie picked the alte nationalgalerie [the old national gallery] because this man, this eddie, loves him some greek vases. surprising no? the first time we went to a museum together was to the sf moma, where he showed me his favorite piece in the museum. it was three canvases painted white with house paint by robert rauschenberg. so i suppose one might say that i knew what i was getting into. but, eddie is a man of varied tasted, thus, to the greek vases we went. i was more interested in the roman and greek sculpture…

luckily for us, museum island is a mere three minute walk from our apartment. literally. it’s fantastic.

IMG_1268many of the building in berlin still have markings from the war. the allied forces weren’t kidding around when then attacked berlin. this is a detail from the column below.  IMG_1266 IMG_1265entrance to the alteIMG_1267 the beautiful bodes museum as seen from the alte museumIMG_1264the mister immediately started striking yoga poses whilst in the galleries.  IMG_1263 IMG_1262 IMG_1261 IMG_1260statue of a slave girl mourning the death of her master. i’m sure a slave would have been simply broken up about the loss. [please note the sarcasm] IMG_1257 IMG_1256 IMG_1255 check out that dope sicilian octopus coin, number 61. sicilians had the coolest coins. done.   IMG_1252 IMG_1251the remnants of saturday night as seen on our walk home.