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yesterday was berliny. [technically, everyday is berliny, but you’ll see where i’m going with this.] we popped out of bed, gathered our ever so cute stuffable grocery bags, jumped on a tram and went off to the boxhangener platz farmers market.

as we walked down grünburger straße, we were accosted by some merry pranksters. these we some mid-twenties dudes who were clearly headed home at 10:30am after a night of revelry. one man produced a pair of solo cups filled with a mystery green liquid. schnapps? absinth? we will never know. he tried handing them to us as we walked by, to we responded, “no thanks,” with a laugh and shake of our heads. this was clearly an unacceptable response. one guy broke off, chased us down the street and stopped us. he beckoned eddie in closer and proceeded to unzip his hoodie pocket to reveal that the stains on the outside of the sweater, were in fact from the same aforementioned green alcohol in two shot glasses nestled against his chest. “it will go great with your breakfast!” he declared. when we again turned the kind offer of a random green beverage from a random guy on a random street and continued on our way, he carried on shouting at us, “i can see in your eyes, you want some. i can tell. come back. you will love it…” we somehow resisted the temptation.


some public restrooms are cleaner than others. IMG_1040

beautiful speckled eggs. after i took this photo, the stand owner asked if i wanted to take a picture of her friend’s eggs, and proceeded to goose her friend in the boob. i politely declined the offer. IMG_1039

good signage. IMG_1038

the train station.

we got four bags full of groceries, fresh herb plants for the garden and snack for a mere 30€. take that middlebury.

we also got a bunch of postcards to send to some friends back home, so i spent most of the afternoon writing and stamping those up. perhaps someday i will actually make it to the post office to send them! [friends, don’t hold your breath.]

then came night time. oh the glorious night. it sprinkled off and on all day, making it the 8th sun-free day. zoinks. so i in my wellies and pa in his cap headed out the door to meet our friends sam and maggie for dinner in kreuzburg. we came the escalator to discover that it had gotten windy, dark, and rainy during our short train ride, but, when i berlin, you do as germans do, and press on. the four of us, buffeted by wind, leaves and water meandered the streets till we came upon a street festival. YAY. eddie dies a little inside every time he comes across a street festival, but luckily, he was outnumbered 3:1 in favor of the STREET FESTIVAL!!!!!! i was convinced to eat dinner first though.

we went to a delicious tibetan/himalayan restaurant that i can’t remember the name of. but is was goooooooooood. spicy. which so far has been relatively hard to find in berlin. despite the fact that boys ate some uncooked lamb in their dumplings, i think we would all go back there again. i of course out ate the table, so the boys started teasing me about finding some funnel cake to finish out the meal at the street fair.

bring. it. on.
said i.

IMG_1042that’s right, he’s juggling fire. berlin style. IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1047IMG_1049i wanted to ride the dragon, but i was too big. lame.

IMG_1048kids on a giant trampoline.

we didn’t find funnel cake, but did find “poffertjes,” the dutch equivalent of
funnel cake. IMG_1055it’s baked. that’s why they’re not all huge.

IMG_1056dark poffertjes with powdered sugar in the dark.

IMG_1050IMG_1059 sam in exctasy upon finding a dried fruit stand. IMG_1060 IMG_1061wooden train tracks!IMG_1062still struggling over history. better than us i think. we just eat turkey and talk about how nice the indians were when we needed help. i think we gloss over the small pox blankets, slaughter, and ghettoization of entire cultures a wee bit too much. [do i sound like my mom?] the germans by and large seem to be discussing and facing the demons of their past. this photo is just one of three historical magazines at the train station kiosk.