my pops was born.

he’s not too much of a self-celebratory person. he tends to downplay the things in his life. e.g. “i cut myself” = “i sawed a finger off,” or “i have a cold” = “i have pneumonia,” so i decided to go behind his back for a birthday present this year.

i printed up a post card of him in a knit suit that his mom made for him. i put postage stamps and his address on the back of if, and then i sent i out to his friends and our family to write stories and memories of him from over the years. since i already put the return postage on it, all they had to do was drop it off in the mail.

his birthday was in early may, but they decided to wait for the mister and i to arrive en rout to deutschland for his party. and what a party it was. [when i was little, he told me all the “may day” parades were for his birthday. i was impressed.]

the night before, his cousins called at 11pm to say that they couldn’t all come the next night, so they were just going to stop by then. eddie looked at me like this was crazy, but i just laughed and told him, that’s how we roll, and not much weird about it. we sat up till around 12:30 having tea, eating cookies and chatting. thus ended night one of two of the birthday extravaganza.

night two was epic. there was the meeting of babies, eddie’s sister’s little girl, and my stepsister’s little girl. it was nice to have both of most of our families in one place. monkey pants was a running around the joint, dancing in circles, and giving me dirty looks every time my other niece hugged me or was kissed by me.

L1000272L1000285play time in the kid corral. and yes, i’m jealous of a 2 year old’s hair.

L1000291L1000277big brother c, throwing the ball for the babies despite the fact that he was supposed to do NO physical activities on account of his two broken wrists.

L1000333lucky for all of us, he’s one of the best nephews a girl could ask for.

L1000302hamming it up, as usual.

L1000309they’re brothers. can you tell??

L1000329they get if from their dad [in the glasses,] photo-bombing the night away.

we sang happy birthday in english, farsi, and russian. not be outdone, eddie and i sung in german. my cousins sang russian drinking songs, and everyone danced.

L1000310my dad and his siblings. can’t hold them back.

L1000325though, someone should teach my dad how to hold a cake knife.