been very busy around here these days. working full time, taking a german class, and crafting on weekends. zoinks.

this weekend, joyce and i threw a baby shower for maggie & roger. it was wonderful, colorful and finally sunny day in vermont!

my finest baby quilt creation.marzipan monkey! joyce made a cake, and i made the edible circus. some people got too much glee from slowly dismembering and eating the various monkey parts…

eddie says the lion looks like he’s wearing a cone of shame. [also, they’re not wearing tanning lotion, but holy crap, almonds are oily.]

saddest giraffe in the world, he never did stand. cool heart shaped spot though!

waiting for the show to start!


waiting for cake!!!

grandma to be practicing on the resident munchkin. baby celeste, beginning her career as a hot potato!

hanging with auntie joyce.

who can not let go…

uncle ben, baby whisperer.

a model baby. perfect guest for a baby shower!

after the party… [rachael & jason grew all the flowers themselves.]