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oh lá lá, we went to dessau to sit at the alter of design.

also, i discovered that i am not meant to drive on the autobahn. marcus, like any good east german, is enamored of cars, and while he doesn’t own one, he loves to drive. so, we rented a car for three days to head to kassel for documenta, and made two stops along the way. first we drove to dessau, at approximately 200 kilometers per hour. till i spoke up shakily from the back seat, assuring everyone in the car that i was minutes away from FREAKING OUT. but, we made it. and had a fabulous time.

our fast an fancy car. a bmw of some sort.

still in berlin. an auspicious beginning.

kid art classes at the bauhaus!!!!

every detail, even in the bathrooms, is designed.

we abandoned marcus at his own table at the cafe. we’re heartless like that.

so he took many photos of me shoving food in my mouth. revenge is sweet i suppose.

there was nowhere to run.

entry paid sticker.

get it?

note the look of fear in marcus’s eyes as eddie jumps at him.