after one night in d.c. hanging out with the fam, we headed up to the jersey shore to spend a few days with the mister’s family and celebrate our niece’s first birthday. and what a celebration it was!

we also took this time to get ready for the last leg of the journey, germany. i got the latest twilight movie to watch on the plane, eddie got me hello kitty socks as a bribe to get on the plane, and i got the 12th sookie stackhouse book. i spent a lot of time reminding myself that this flight will only be 1/2 longer than going from d.c. to san francisco. it’s a breeze. no really.

we also jumped over a boro to get some burritos from the 10th ave burrito company. it wasn’t bad, not the most amazing, but it was great coming from vermont!

me holding 20lbs of pure cheek.

nose bump.

cake made by grandma, frosted by mom, and enjoyed by baby. one lucky girl.

heartily enjoyed, and lustily lamented when take away.

WHY? why did you take my toy away??? oh. to put the batteries in. well then, in that case, thank you.

our little cousin teaching eddie some karate moves. he nearly kicked his mom in the head.

happy grandma

eddie’s photo titled “when the day ends”

all tuckered out after a long day of celebrations…