in fourth grade i was standing along the middle/back wall of studio two at the washington ballet. facing the bar, gripping it with two hands i was focused on my tondues till i heard a sniffling from my neighbor to the right. it being the first class of the year in a new ballet studio, i asked her name, it was roseanne, and she was crying. we whispered to each other about what was wrong [she missed her grandfather who had just died]

not doing so well in chemistry, eddie’s 10th grade science teacher suggested that he ask kid in the advanced class to tutor him. matt, a smart, tall, fairly quiet kid, had also spent his childhood relocating across the world for his father’s job. he & the wild child that was eddie got along famously.

matt flew in from alaska for our wedding. i didn’t even recognize him without the foot long beard and fly-away hair that he sported the entirety of eddie & mys courtship. also he was wearing a suit instead of patagonia weather gear. very strange. rose flew in from a semester abroad from costa rica to be at our wedding. her date was her dad, and a very lovely date he was. little did he know he was about to witness…

matt asked rose to dance with him.

eddie and matt, mostly matt, making the wedding canopy.

a very excited groom

maryland shore deliciousness.

my mister walking the walk

morning yoga at the party house.

that only looks like wine. it was actually apple cider vinegar that julia was shooting.

the matt & rose. 23 years after we first met.

killer heirloom engagement ring.

althea enjoying a stolen baby.

“oh my God. i can’t watch this. we have a kid.”-saskia, scott’s wife.

did i mention that the very goofy mister got ordained to marry matt & rose??

a proud grandma against the back-drop of a very relaxed dad.

this may [or may not] have been taken shortly after the group interpretive dance to “eternal flame.”