so, not to put a damper on the rest of the trip, but the highlight for us might of been on day two. e & i were sitting in the cool of the dia beacon cafeteria, the mister reading up for his talk, me reading “emma” when the smarter half looked out the wall of windows. “no, that’s not…that’s not, well, sepi, just take a look out the window. LOOK.” to which i responded with a shriek and a run out the doors and a GIANT hug for our friend sam who surprised us from boston. dope.

sam is a rockin’ friend who we hung out with massively in san francisco, a fellow stanford buddy of the mister’s who we’ve had the luck to pack-up and bring with us to the east coast when we moved. [actually, he transferred schools to boston when we moved to vermont] sadly, we don’t get to see him enough for living 3.5 hours away. blah blah blah, work, blah, school, blah, blah, dissertation. so this was wonderful.

the after the talk [which went fabulously] we three went out to late late lunch and then on to d.c. for day three…

handsome devils at hudson hills cafe.

nice ceiling.

we three. blurry, but pleased.