so, it’s been a long while since i posted, but i haven’t been idle. there have been crafts, trips, and visitors around these parts. i’ll start with the making.

remember these? well, they found a fan. a very cute fan.

now, they are drool-y loved up birds

some friends & i got a ream of industrial felt and made us some slippers. while we are lucky {read “spoiled”} enough to have radiant heat in our floors, most of vermont does not. so there are many a cold floor to be found. these beauties have been traveling to friends’ houses with me.

while you can’t see it, the bottoms are covered with leather to prevent slippage!

after dying the felt from “HOLY CRAP THAT’S A HIDEOUS ORANGE” to “duck feet orange,” i got inspired to dye some more things. among them was this old mexican lace apron that my m.i.l. gave to me. i tried to make it black, however, rit dye had other plans, and so, grayish purple it is.

clearly not the smoothest fade from dark to light, but i happy with it for a first try.

i also tried using “natural” dyes. to no real avail. however, while the fabric washed back to muslin, i had a good time smearing beets in an attempt to capture their vibrant color.

{gold nail polish by the kardashian sisters. don’t judge me.}

amazing color. too bad it all bled out.

i also screen printed some vegetable bags that will soon be for sale on my etsy site as well as at clementine in middlebury.

i have a real thing for triangles. the mister is willing to let me screen print some fabric to re-cover our kitchen chairs!

but, BUT. most of my time has been spent making baby quilts for the multitude of our friends who have been making little people.

this is the second quilt that i’ve made, and it’s my mister’s favorite by far. he’s really into what he’s calling the “deconstruction of the traditional quilt.” a.k.a., the one patch as a nod to the craft and the wacky nonsensical quilting lines.  i used athletic tape to protect my finger-tips while sewing the binding!

that top cream floral fabric is one of the softest cottons i’ve ever come across

i quilted this one with a traditional “window pane pattern”

i’m very fond of the way that the binding is always uneven. it’s the mark of something hand sewn.

these are fabrics that i’ve been carrying with me since we left california. i finally found a baby i wanted to give them to!

rad wonky quilt lines.

the summation of my last little while.

i finally got to give the quilts to their babies on my last trip to d.c. which i will post about later this week.

and now, i’m onto another quilt. this one might my favorite thus far. it’s a crazy uneven patchwork of glorious fabrics that i got at nido in burlington. but i can’t show it till it’s gone off to be played, pooped, and slept on…