we live pretty much in the middle of nowhere. seriously. our neighbor is a hay farmer. while being here has advantages–summer river swimming, killer sledding {in years where there is snow}, giant garden space, excellent christmas tree burning ritual space–when we get to cities, we go cafe/restaurant crazy. not that there aren’t cafes in vermont, but it’s a different vibe in a bustling city. tryst my home away from home away from home.

mid-sneeze. thanks for the new camera dad!

the mister’s german sneaks. they get attention everywhere we go…

not so much a cafe as a safeway, but it’s near the restaurant where we were headed. this is one of those gulp gentrification moments in d.c. to enter, or not to enter…

home made ginger pear soda at domku.

jmt striking a pose

neither the mister nor his plaid will be outdone by jmt.

peppery beer in honor of jmt’s pops. pinky up, because classy is the only way to do this.

2 amys