actually, i have no work, which is why i spend my time sewing pillows, making crazy cakes, and yes, watching grey’s anatomy re-runs. don’t judge me.

recently i was happily invited to take part in a crafty ladies afternoon, and i chose to work on some simple embroidery. i was inspired by some walking around in jamaica plain boston on a recent vacation to visit some good friends, specifically aviary a very cool little art space with amazing terrariums among other things.

phase 1

phase 2

phase 3

the tryptic

this coloring is a bit more accurate. i had to back them with black fabric so the all the messiness in the back didn’t show through the light muslin. not ideal, but oh well.


i’ve also been practicing my zipper inserting as it’s a bit of my achilles heel. so, i’ve put together a pillow and finally a skirt that i’ve been promising my sister for about 2 years. in my defense, i only just a zipper foot that fits my old machine a couple of weeks ago.

not exactly invisible, but an improvement.