the adirondaks framing the stage at sunset.

a few months ago my mister woke me up in the morning by rushing into our bedroom and shouting, “guess who’s playing in vermont in july??!” as  aforementioned, i’m a bit groggy in the mornings, thus our conversation was something along the lines of
me: kalsfja;sldgjlaksjdf;laksjdf?
mister: what are the top five bands you want to hear?
me: cat stevens? pete seeger? mumford & sons?
mister: let me stop you here. the mountain goats and bright eyes
me: i’m awake.
mister: i already bought the tickets

i have been long obsessed with both mentioned bands, especially bright eyes. when i worked at anthropologie in the display makin’ room, my co-worker was dismayed at my repetitive playing of “i’m wide awake it’s morning” however, our stars have always been crossed when it comes to seeing him live. as for the  mountain goats, sufficed to say that in my itunes, they occupy 3 of the 50 most played songs.

friday, the day of the concert, dawned grey and unpromising. the rain held off for most of the afternoon, they around 5pm, the skies opened upon us as we were climbing into the car to head up to shelburne vt. when we got there at 6, it was still raining. when we sat on the lawn on our waterproof blanket, it was still raining. at 6:50, 10 minutes before the mountain goats took the stage, the rain stopped!

glory ensued. i shouted the lyrics, and danced in place in my wellies, and man oh man, what a fantastic night. by the bright eyes’ last song, the clouds had cleared, the stars were out and road to joy

a rainy start
thank goodness for wellies