i’m sitting on my couch imagining taking a nap, and this photo of my brother and i circa 1980 came to mind. i do not still have the same bowl hair cut, though i generally still look as disoriented when i wake up in the mornings!

i’ve been sewing a lot of things lately, starting with a t-shirt made of this. i sent it off to a friend who i’ve owed a unicorn anything for a really long time. hopefully she’ll send a picture that i can share with you.

then i made some banners for a baby shower, which i can’t show you quite yet, not till the mom & dad have seen then anyhow.

then i made some pillows with old fabric from anna maria horner

and last but not least, i’ve finally finished my first ever quilt

! it’s for my cousin shawn & his wife theresa, and their new little monkey.