you guys, i’m really feeling flowers


we got the blight last year in the garden, which means we weren’t going to grow a lot of vegetables this year since they would all die on us just when they should be ripening. boo. so i planted a bunch of flowers!!! [though this last photo of the dried flowers was from some dear friends’ wedding.] i never thought of myself as a flower person before, but here we have it folks.

next, i have to make a skirt from the floral fabric that i bought. anna bond. le sigh. i may or may not have saved all my crafty budget money for june, july, and august to buy massive amounts of her fabric…



i know what i did last summer

as is our custom, we spent a few days in new jersey at the shore hanging out with the family this summer. as we’re gearing up for our christmas trip, i realized, hey, i haven’t shared about our summer trip. always made better by this little goof ball.

IMG_5909always willing to lend a hand, A makes sure her grandpa doesn’t get burned.

IMG_5910IMG_5914she’s always ready and willing to jump on in with uncle E.IMG_5915IMG_5917

one of the nights there, we decided to take little A to the boardwalk for some rides. while we were standing in line waiting for tickets, she looked up at us and said “let’s do this thing.” so do this thing we did.

standing in line to go on the roller coaster. this kid is fearless. i chose to document rather than climb into a rattling car on a wooden roller coaster. she’s a braver man than i gungadin.

IMG_5919IMG_5925IMG_5928IMG_5929IMG_5930IMG_5933IMG_5934IMG_5943IMG_5948IMG_5949IMG_5952i was hanging out on the porch skyping with my bestie when she walked up me, “uncle E said to tell you that now i have eyebrows like you!” i married a real charmer.


long time no see.

sorry. life got very far away from me. today though, i’m home sick, so i thought i’d give a hello!

there are certainly things to catch up on, and i’m going to start with what’s come of last january. my neighbor came up with the idea for a new years resolution of making at least one garment a month. i’ve had a good time with that! with just one more month left, i’m pretty pleased with what i’ve created.  [though i did get a new computer, and seem to be missing photos of some of the shirts that i made. odd.]

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.44.03 PM IMG_6138IMG_5379hats!!! i’m on a serious hat making kick. i’m working on matching hats for a bunch of my favorite peoples… i’m working on the mister’s right now since he keeps trying to steal this here “funfetti” hat. i’ve been using madeline tosh yarn. it’s a dream. i have a sweater that i started LAST october, but i’ve stopped working on it. the friend who was helping me has fallen away a bit, and i’ve let that be my excuse for working on other projects…

IMG_5308you will notice that i have a lot of nani iro fabric. i could swim in it!

IMG_5630i know. i look like a killer for hire in this photo, but the shirt is nice!

IMG_5469ah merchant and mills.

IMG_5874i’m obsessed with this cotton and steel print. it looks like ritz crackers. i used this fabric as the base for a set of cloths that i made for my favorite chileans. the mister wrangled research money, and got to stay with our best friends in santiago. yes. yes i was/am jealous.

IMG_6019these are from a pattern that i made up based on a shirt that i already have.

IMG_5893for a ten year old.

IMG_5962infinity scarf.

IMG_5958ties for the gentlemen. IMG_5950

IMG_5959IMG_5973some of the recipients in all their splendor.

IMG_6103my first time making pleats. their not amazing, but they will only get better from here. i hope.

IMG_6078aaaand. while this is not so much a garment, i did make my first weaving! a little less than stellar, but i’m okay with that as a first attempt.



the bull has thrown the earth



last week was norooz, iranian new year, and i planned on going home to celebrate with my family. as fate would have it though, i caught a nasty cold, and a lingering fever kept me here in vermont. there are only three other iranians in the whole state. [unconfirment, but those are my feelings, and feelings, as they say, are fact.] i went over to a friends house on the day i was supposed to catch my train, and i was greeted by this.

IMG_5506she set up a haft-sin for me! that’s what i call a good friend.

IMG_5509this is our last minute haft-sin that i bought wheat grass for because i didn’t know i’d need to make my own. oppie.

IMG_3588last year’s haft-sin in berlin. eddie was in the u.k., so i actually had the hyacinth which he has banned in our house[s] because the smell makes him angry and hulk-like. also, i was sick last year too. not a theme i’d like to indulge in again.

anynow, happy new year!


it has frozen over




IMG_5324facilities has chosen to leave our christmas tree to decorate the back corner of the house IMG_5338 IMG_5359 the view from our bedroom.IMG_5369that’s new york on the other side o’the frozen lake IMG_5370 IMG_5451yup. nuttsos JOGGING on the frozen lake. nothing could possibly go wrong running on an ice block with a thin layer of snow between you and a cracked skull IMG_5452halfway to new york IMG_5453i am magic, and can walk on water


that’s how you do snowy sundays!



it has become clear to us over the last few years that i’m not a skier. so, if we ever want to do outdoor activities together, we had to come up with something other speeding down a mountain on a piece of compressed fiberglass.

enter…SNOW SHOEING!!!!!

so, we went up to the robert frost trail yesterday to tromp around. it was glorious.

IMG_5393our intrepid leader breaking the path

IMG_5397 man down. luckily, he landed in a fluffy pile of snow, and not a river. IMG_5399

happy, ’cause it was 25 degrees, and sunny!!!!IMG_5400 IMG_5402 some bridge twerkingIMG_5403 IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5409 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5417eddie was overcome with the masculine need to tackle someone. luckily, he chose jamieIMG_5419 IMG_5421friends eating snow #1 [note: the snow is so high, that the waist height sign is barely poking out] IMG_5425friends eating snow #2 IMG_5427friends eating snow #3 [we forgot water bottles]IMG_5429 IMG_5432 IMG_5434fertig.

a distant far off time of warmth and sunshine

we here in vermont in are of course in the grip of the nasty cold that’s taken over the east coast. while it’s waaaaay to early to be longing for spring if you live this far north [think at least three more months of snow,] i’ve decided to wax philosophic about the fall. my mom and step-dad came to visit us for thanksgiving. in typical new england fashion, we gave them three seasons over the coarse of four days. it started off at 65 degrees and sunny. so we went to the shelburne museum. it my first time going, and it was pretty cool.












i took my coat back to the car, and we frolicked in the sunlight. it was glorious.

two days later, this is what the town looked like.


oh well.

we fled to montréal to drop the fam off at the airport, and the mister and i bopped around town. we discovered that the real hard-core of the world are the quebecois. it was 19 degrees, and NO ONE was wearing say, a hat, or gloves, or boots. we even saw a guy walking around without a coat. though to be fair, his friends were laughing at him. meanwhile eddie and i were wrapped with scarves around our noses.

we went to a ping pong bar in mile end, but it was a pallid replacement for the ping pong bars of berlin. [i realize that i never posted about our favorite ping-pong bar, that will come soon.] but it was nice to be in a city even just for one night.

IMG_5123 IMG_5107

party leggings!!!!


note hanging on the exit door of one of the subway stations in montréal.


oh well


we had our first snow storm this past wednesday. it was fun, and it was real!!, 16″. we tromped up one of the college hills with a friend, had snow balls thrown at us by some students, and flew down the hill on our ever so fancy wooden sled.

IMG_3242last years berlin snow. it didn’t lead to impressive snow men,  but of course i miss it.

IMG_5101our wednesday snow was killer sparkly. super pretty.

IMG_5098 IMG_5099 IMG_5100IMG_5103 IMG_5104fertig.